The Golf Academy

PGA Instructor Vince Puglia

Vince has been perfecting the art of correcting golf swings for over 32 years. Learning to apply practical, efficient and modern approaches to your game is what you can expect from your experience with this New York native. PGA-certified and recognized as an Active Life Member (LMA), Vince has proven time and again that he can provide students with the results they desire and has earned a spot in Golf Magazine as one of the Top 100 Teachers in America.

The Megsa System

The MEGSA Pefect Practice Equipment is a revolutionary teaching aide designed and engineered by Mike Bender that guarantees players execute perfect practice each and every time. The MEGSA system was designed to only allow the body and club to move on the proper swing path. Players will be able to see and feel the proper positions throughout the golf swing and the immediate feedback the MEGSA system will enable players to ultimately learn more quickly and efficiently. The MEGSA system was built to develop the proper swing mechanics and produce a more reliable game overall.

The MEGSA Stations include:

  • Anti-slide wall
  • Super Width Producer
  • Right Knee Stabilzer
  • Preset Wall
  • Insider
  • Plan O'Matic
  • Head Stabilizer
  • Anti-lift poles
  • Impact Station
  • Follow-through Perfector
  • Rear Posture Board
  • Over/under saddle
  • Take Away Perfector
  • Hand Plane Bar
  • Post Impact Bar
  • Resistance Cord
  • Hitting Mat

Lesson Plans

Program 1
30 min. without MEGSA System and V1 Video
Member Price: $45.00
Non-Member Price: $130.00

Program 2
60 min. with MEGSA System and V1 Video
Member Price: $75.00
Non-Member Price: $250.00

Golf Shop Manager

Wyatt Stephens
352-522-0309 Ext. 1